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James Eerdmans Jr.

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James is a dedicated professional serving as the Lock Desk Operator at My City Home Loans. In this pivotal role, he plays a crucial part in the mortgage process, ensuring that borrowers secure the most advantageous interest rates for their loans.

With a keen eye for detail, James meticulously navigates multiple software systems to accurately lock in interest rates and prices. This vital step is fundamental to the successful acquisition of a mortgage, underscoring his commitment to facilitating smooth transactions for clients.

Beyond managing rate locks, James keeps a vigilant watch over market trends, constantly researching and analyzing interest rate fluctuations. Additionally, he adeptly handles any changes that impact mortgage pricing or interest rate locks. Whether it involves rate extensions or profile modifications, he executes these adjustments promptly and accurately, maintaining the integrity of each transaction.

An avid golfer, family enthusiast, and guitar player, James enjoys spending time on the green, strumming tunes, and creating memories with loved ones. With a passion for travel and the outdoors, he is always seeking new adventures and experiences in nature's embrace.

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